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  I have always had an affinity for antiques. There is something so beautiful about a piece that stands the test of time and seems to tell a story. I first had the idea for Inspiration Rental 5 years ago when my fiancé Justin and I first got engaged. I wanted all of these beautiful antique and vintage pieces that really showed my style but had no idea the amount of time and effort to find these unique items. I also didn't know how to store them for that amount of time and re-sell them after. There was my idea.

Fast forward 5 years our daughter Amelia was a year and a half old and our second baby was on the way. Our wedding put on hold until we had our flower girl and little ring bearer. Tragedy hit our family. We lost our newborn son Brady at 12 days old. Nothing can prepare you for the unending pain that brings. I was lost in a world unfamiliar to me. I needed something to help me through. One day driving down a familiar road Justin suggested to me we get married in a park near our house. I welcomed the distraction wholeheartedly and walked the park envisioning the beauty I could bring with all the pieces I'd collected over the years. I decided to finally bring my idea to life, hoping I could bring happiness to others celebrating milestones in their lives.

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